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fixt. nodded. more . “They spent the rest of the afternoon constructing a new stretcher, a more solid one, with reinforcing branches for the frame and several layers of vine and rope to sling between the sides of the frame.”. slag. plural.

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54. Dryshite. Someone that’s boring. For example, ‘All them lads do is sit in and play the Xbox.

For example, if it's lashing rain, you may want to just stay inside.

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1950s Slang for Experiences. The "American Dream" became a reality for many families during this prosperous decade. They began living the suburban lifestyle in family homes complete with front lawns, small backyards, and a garage.

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Yet another classic British slang term of insult. A dugout is a small wooden container that has two compartments, one for a small one-hitter (pipe or bat), and another larger compartment to store weed.

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Showing result 1 - 5 of 326 swedish dissertations containing the word slag. 1. A study of slag-steel-inclusion interaction  (medicine) a stroke Tanta mi er på sjukehus etter å ha fått slag.

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Verb. Present participle for to speak disrespectfully to or criticize.

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